Mar. 27th, 2008


Mar. 27th, 2008 11:05 am
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Last night, a few people I work with and such went to Josephine's for their "Last Wednesday" meals. Basically they pick a French region and create a special menu and you get a 6 course meal out of it. It was yummy! This time was French Province, which is where I stayed when I was in France. Good stuff. Anyway, we couldn't do dinner till 8:30 because I had to drive out from Ypsi to make it on time. The place is open till 10 on Wednesdays, so I figured that would be plenty of time. At the end the waitress told us to stay as long as we wanted because they would be cleaning up. The chef wandered by a few times to talk to us and said the same thing. As we decided to leave, better we looked at our clocks, it was an hour after closing. While leaving we say goodbye to the chef who is wandering by and say sorry for staying so late. He said it was fine and said a few months ago there was a party of 15 people who sat at a long table and they stayed way after closing, and were such a fun group. I got a smile on my face and said THAT WAS ME! He apologized for not remembering me. That was fine since I had shorter straight hair that night after getting my hair cut. And I've lost another 10 lbs or something. Anyway, he was saying that he tells people the story of our visit all the time because he doesn't mind that people stay to talk while they're cleaning up. I thought that was awesome!! I love that place!


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