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There was some miscommunication with our prof for how the class this Thursday was supposed to happen. We were supposed to have a focus group (many/some/all of us are participating in a research study as part of this class) and then work on our projects in groups. Well there are 13 people in the class and I know at least 4 of them thought we just weren't having class at all. So last week I asked the prof if we were having class. She said yes and was shocked that the question was asked. Apparently since most people thought we weren't having class, they made other plans. Some are going out of town, etc. She canceled class.

What does this mean for me? I GET TO SLEEP IN TOMORROW!!!! I do not have to set my alarm and I get to sleep until I wake up. YAHOO! And I also do not go to work. That's an added bonus if you ask me. It's the little things really.

And tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of accidentally dropping my cell phone into the toilet. Yeah...I said it...toilet. It's actually a damn good cell phone too. It's almost two years old and still holds a good charge. As in, I've never had to buy a car charger for it.

Oh...and for those not getting any, does it ever feel like every THING is getting some when you're not?
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