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So I watched the movie last night.

And I actually almost put jeans on to go to work. :) haha!!

When at therapy Peter asks the therapist if there is any way he can hypnotize him so that when he gets home from work he feels like he's been fishing all day. Yep, that'd be nice. Except for me perhaps something like wandering around Europe or some such thing.

When talking to the Bob's he tells them that he has 8 bosses, so his sole motivation to do his job is to not be hasseled. I don't have 8 bosses, but I do have one and the ghost of the evil boss past who is back in the office and giving instruction.

And if I had a million dollars, I probably would not do two chicks at once. :) I'd want to travel. I suppose that's supposed to say that I should get a job that requires travel. I don't want to travel for work. I want to travel for pleasure. *sigh*

I'll be fine.
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Friday: Crazy clients and fun moving tables.... )

Saturday: Fun with homework, pumpkins, and live music )

Sunday: Halloween...woohooo!!! )

Happy Halloween!!
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Since my other roommate has pretty much moved out, she left her garage door opener for me. So now I have my very own garage door opener. I feel like Kira Sedgewick in Singles. Now all I need is Campbell Scott to show up at my doorstep saying, "I was nowhere near your neighborhood, so I thought I would stop by." :)

Otherwise, I got to work on time and there were cool tunes on the radio. It doesn't take much to make me happy sometimes. :)

UPDATE: Although I am chipper for the most point, I hate it when the people I work with sit around and nitpick about people's choices for food to bring to a stupid company Halloween lunch. a)who cares....b) who really cares if a few of us went in on an expensive pasta dish vs making it ourselves. c) I hate when people are all backstabbing and judgemental. ugh....grrr...arrgh!
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to my butt numbness problem....

In a conversation with [ profile] riffalike , it was suggested to me that perhaps I should invest in one of those beaded chair things like taxi drivers use.  Which then reminded me that they actually have those chair massager things for the car, which then reminded me that my dad actually has one that I could possibly borrow. 

This could not only take care of my numb butt, but I may also be able to keep a smile on my face per [ profile] simianpower 's suggestion on how to get through the work day.

Rock on!  Perhaps this job will pick up afterall. :) :) :)

Huis Clos

Oct. 20th, 2004 09:13 am
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This morning, I was thinking about my situation.  Then I remembered a play I read in college by Sartre. It's called Huis Clos or No Exit in English.  The play, in it's simplest form, is about a group of people stuck in a room.  Through conversation they find out each other's darkest secret and basically get on each other's nerves in the worst way.  It turns out that they are in Hell.  That most people think of their idea of Hell being fire and brimstone and a red guy with horns.  But in all actuality it is a norm/typical situation that one may find him/herself in.  The only difference is that in the play, you can't leave.  So it's about how we each create our own personal Hell and it's a tailored fit for your own personal needs.

I have decided that my own personal hell.  The difference is that I know I can get out of it. I would like to look for a job now as I am on the computer all day, but I am sure people here would frown upon that. :) It'll get better. I just need to be proactive again vs. wallowing in my self-pity.

Funny moment from last night. I'm sitting on a couch talking to V and thecat and I mentioned that my butt was no longer numb. Thecat shoots a look at V and I said, "he had absolutely nothing to do with my butt being numb!"

Good part of today: loud people do not come in till 12. woohoo!! Wednesday and Thursdays are good days at work. :)

Bad part: I passed Niki on the expressway. She was in a minor accident. Her and her car are fine, but she was late for work.  I was driving by saying hey that looks like...Fuck that is Niki. But I called her and all is well with the world.

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I think I could almost have a telephone stalker. I will probably be sure tomorrow. I know for a fact that the same guy has called
twice, and perhaps even 3 times. I'll call him Bob for the sake of anonymity. So Bob calls on Friday and asks me these questions about his credit report that I really didn't have an answer to. It turns out he was just attempting to mack some free advice when one actually has to pay $30 for it. A service I believe I tried to sell him on Thursday, but he wasn't into it. So today, I'm at work and I get a call. I start the same thing, "Thank you for calling....My name is Jenny. May I have your name please?" He responds that his name is Bob (I recognized it as well as his voice) and he said something stupid like, "so are you like Jenny from the block?" "Yeah, something like that, can I help you?" Then he wouldn't get off the phone until I found the information about what actually composes a FICO's credit score. Egads!! It took me awhile to find it. I don't know if he specially requested me or if it's just been my good fortune to come across him.

The Jennifer Lopez moment is the newest one to chalk up in reference to being a Jenny. I get tons, which include [ profile] _earthshine_  singing 867-5309 when he sees me (which I think is funny) to Forrest Gump's "Jenny", "Jenny I know what love is". There are others that are escaping me at the moment, but I couldn't believe when he said "so are you like Jenny from the block?" Yea me! :)

A I hate my stupid life rant... )

So after that rant, I must say that I can't wait for this party on Saturday (which everyone should come...hint....hint...nudge...nudge). I am anticipating that it will be a good time. I think it has the potential for weirdness, but what is a party, really, without a little weirdness? Niki and I have a lot of work to do on the house. She went buck nutty on the garage and now it's cleaned up for the party, and we can park 2
cars in the garage. I'm excited, but I could've kicked her pregnant ass for doing it by herself. So now stuff that was in
the garage is in the kitchen and I'm not going to be home much this week. oops!! :)
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The interesting part of my day after being 10 minutes late for work and going into a training session when it didn't seem like anyone else was at work is that fact that I did learn a few things such as how to read a credit report so I was finally able to understand the copy of mine they gave me on hire.  I also learned about the Fair Credit Reporting Act as well as some computer programs we have.  What was funny though is that once I got back up to my computer, it seemed as though I couldn't actually use any of my new found knowledge. I'm still bombarded with questions I really have no answer for.  Luckily I do work with some nice people who answer my questions or at least assure me that it's not my job to know, but the job of the financial counselors.  woohoo!!  A bonus is that my job is going to add an extra component to it soon of selling credit reports to people before their counseling appts.  Now, don't get jealous over all that excitment. :)

Later on,  [ profile] schmise and I went to  dinner at Fridays in Novi and then off to the  Town  Center to see Cellular.  I do not think it was supposed to be a funny movie, but I thought it was hilarious.  I laughed out loud through sometimes inappropriate parts.  :)  I wouldn't pay $9 to go see it, but we paid student prices and got cut a deal on popcorn and pop that was a decent size vs being big enough to feed a  3rd world country, so I figure it evened  out.  :)  Then it was off to Borders where a) I really shouldn't buy any more books and b) I couldn't find what I was looking for anyway.  It's all good.

I did come home though to a  very "fall" looking house.  My roommate  went buck nutty with decorations for the  holiday season .  She  has also gone buck nutty with  lights and what not for the Halloween party. (which by the way  no on on LJ seems interested in coming :P) Now for those of you who helped  us move already knows that she owns about 5-7 boxes of Halloween stuff and yes, she actually did purchase more recently because she misplaced her lights. :)  It should be an interesting mix of people for the party, so I am very excited about it.

Now I have to go out to my car in the rain because I always leave my cell phone in the car.  grrrrrr.....[profile]


Oct. 14th, 2004 12:50 pm
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Ok, so I've only been at work for 48 minutes..... and I'm here till 9 p.m.

I need some entertainment that I can look at,read, and or play without getting fired in my 2nd week of work. :)

Anyone up for helping me with this problem????? :)
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Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday Part I - Creepy morning dream.... )

Sunday Part II - The rest of the day... )

I did have a fun conversation with my friend Shakira in AZ.  She and I have pretty much decided to go to Europe this summer.  I am hoping that it actually happens. I have 19 PTO starting in January.  So I figure I can take 10 of them and we can go for 2 weeks.  I definitely want to go to Ireland.  She wants to do a few things. We agreed to fly into London and then take it from there. So we can at least start looking for flights.  I think it'd be a great time. I am looking forward to that. But as some of you know, I've been wanting to go to Ireland for about 3-4 years now and it's always fallen through for one reason or another.  So I'm hoping and will try my best to make sure it doesn't happen this year.  Wish me luck.

Off to take more drugs and go to sleep!!!!

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So I decided I would finally jump on the LiveJournal Bandwagon. What can I say, I'm a follower when I want to be. I was actually invited to do this a long time ago, but I guess I was busy or something or didn't see why I should post my inner most thoughts or whatever it is that comes to my mind. Now, after being somewhat of a voyeur for the last week or two, I decided I should join so you can peer into the inner workings of my brain. And I hate to disappoint, but not much is going on. Well there is plenty going on, but it's all old stuff that I am almost done processing and moving on with. In the last month or so, I've been having this John Cusack in High Fidelity moment. It's just been somewhat lonely, so I thought I would get in contact with those I have fooled around with at some occasion. I actually did find one on LJ. That was an interesting experience for me because I found out that he got married in June. I am happy for him, because he does deserve to be happy. He's one of the nicer guys I've dated/fooled around with. However, it was also a bizzare situation for me as that means that he and I can never date or fool around again. That's probably a good thing, but it was such a bizzare thing. Even though I was never in love with him, I always wanted to be if that makes sense, so it's all good. Then I found another one on Friendster. I emailed him to say hi as I haven't talked to him in 6 years. He added me as a friend on friendster, but never actually responded to my email. I hope that he is happy too. At this point, I think I've pretty much worked that out of my system.

Now, I will be starting my new job on Monday and that is giving me a ton of stress as well. I'm living in Ypsi and the job is in Farmington Hills. It's going to be a somewhat unpleasant drive. It's also a real job and stuff and that's spooky. This will be 2nd real job. Sure I've done lots of work for many companies before, but this is my first real job post college. It's spooky. Plus I need to be very careful. Today is the day that my insurance runs out. I will not have medical & dental insurance until January. Please do not run over me in a bus. :)

I do have a small CVS rant though. Near my parents they are building a new strip mall, which is annoying in and of itself. The first thing going in there is a CVS. The point between the new one going up and the next one near my parents is exactly 1 mile! Then passing the one near my parents while driving  [ profile] schmise  home, the next CVS is 1.1 mile. Explain to me why we need 3 CVS's that close to each other??????

So that's it for today and my first post.  Please be patient while I learn things about this that I don't know  yet. :)[profile]


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